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Jazz musician Hudson Simbarashe

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Hudson Simbarashe, a jazz musician based in Bulawayo, has told that he has got a passion for this genre and he will go on to produce this kind of music in spite the lack of support. On Tuesday, in a recent interview, Hudson Simbarashe told that this kind of music did not have very much support compared to what is known as ‘popular’ music.

If jazz music is compared to other genres of music like house music, you would realize that this genre would sell much less in a long period as it is aimed for mature listeners who take time to purchase this.

Still he will play jazz music. His music is heavily determined by jazz. Some people want them to trust that there are no jazz in this country, instead it is African music and they are ennobled to play it.

Chenga Ose is an album that has 9 tracks with two instruments tracks and that are Zim Blues and Fallen Trees. The other tracks to look for are Fallen Trees, Mapfunde, Pabva Gondo and Africa.

The roots of Simbarashe’s music are in African philosophy. Hudson read a whole lot of African literature and he also believes that best philosophers are found in this continent. Here, they are speaking about people who found out their philosophy form their culture.

Hudson began music in the year 1996 and in 2002, he formed Five Fold, a jazz music band. In 2004, they released their first album called Now or Never and in 2008, they released Forgotten Tears.