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First concert of semester

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

On 22nd October, at the Evans Auditorium, the School of Music’s Ensemble Series will hold a Jazz Lab Band which is one of the 3 jazz ensemble classes in School of Music. The students would participate in the first 2 concerts for the class. Professor Martin McCain has directed the course for three years and he will direct it.

McCain told that they have been practicing for this show since the start of the class. The students were also working quite hard and also enjoying and having a whole lot of fun learning about the top bands of jazz. It is still part of the grade, it was more fun compared to anything.

The concert will begin with a group of students called the Jazzbones that excludes the trumpets and saxophones. McCain told that it was like a tradition which developed during the era of the Big Band. After that the whole ensemble will participate into play. The will touch different kinds of styles like funk, Latin, classical and jazz. He added that they have 7 tunes to hold the audience and take them to an emotional roller coaster. He would like to take people on a ride and left them thinking.

Sarah McGriff, one of the participants, told that most of the pieces are full of fun and energy, no matter which style they are. She added that she was quite surprised to watch a piece from music composer and that serves to connect with the audience quite easily.