Brussels Jazz Orchestra Performs At Penn State

A band of more than ten musicians all dressed in black dress shirts and navy suits professionally appeared on stage at Eisenhower Auditorium for the “BJO’s Finest and Graphicology” on Thursday night.

The widely acclaimed jazz orchestra has previously played in different cities all over the globe, including New York City and Singapore, with various movie productions and musical acts.

Brussels Jazz Orchestra has also won many awards including the Academy Award for a soundtrack in “The Artist” and Grammy nominations for the track “Wild Beauty”. Their performance started with some pieces from “BJO’s Finest” program that featured note-moving and smooth melodic pieces. The audience witnessed how each musician in the orchestra was playing in a united, yet unique way. Many felt lucky to hear them.

On numerous occasions throughout the performance, each musician including the pianist, the saxophone player, the drummer, and the trumpet player performed a solo. This led the rhythm of the selected piece, an improvisation many students in the crowd noticed. The audience appreciated this, as everybody in the band got the opportunity to show interest in their music.

After intermission, the “Graphicology” program was showcased by the orchestra. This combined the jazz compositions of the orchestra with the creative works of Philip Paquet. The crowd at the auditorium loved the innovative and interactive music technique that the orchestra used. The second half of their performance was really unique and more interesting. The viewers had not only the audio but also the visuals. The new listeners were delighted when the orchestra took a visit to the State College, prior to leaving for the Lincoln Center.