10 thoughts on “Hanjin 陳奐仁 Raw Jazz Concert @ Elements – Sweet Lorraine (Recorded By CIE 電台)

  1. @raigami other than Eason in this generation of HK singers, who would you
    say can? it’s not that HKnese can’t say, it’s because the music industry is
    corrupted. Singers nowadays are based on looks, not because if they can

  2. @Yellowtofu well said just look at the pop music scene in taiwan – much
    more diversified. Talents a’ respected. Listen to 蕭敬騰. copy and paste this
    keyword and listen to this marvellous guy. Listen to one night in
    beginning. I think he should be an international superstar. Since the
    withdrawal of the OK songbird Faye Wong from the music scene, there isn’t
    anyone even come close. I agree only eason is superb. janice is just so-so
    and should only perform in clubs or lounge.

  3. @Yellowtofu: i recently went back to HK for vacation and i heard janice
    (wai laan)’s concert that everyone was ravin about. i heard the songs she
    sang live in a boutique, and holy shit! who she fucked and which fucker put
    a mic on her and all the “guest stars?” they all sing off keys and her
    voice is as flat as most hk girls. yea, other than eason, there reason
    isntany talents in HK music industry. what can you do? its ran by triads

  4. to them fuckers who say hong kongnese cant sing, go fuck yourself… no
    wait, hanjin is from singapore, oops lol

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