25 thoughts on “Smooth Jazz Sax Player Greg Vail live Gospel Concert

  1. From the heart of an oboe player — outstanding; technical ability
    unsurpassed; wonderful mix of rhythmical intent and inspired output. A

  2. ooooowww!!!! sooo good it”s just lickin’ my balls hearing it. the singer is
    good and the sax player roam the show that night. what a wonderful music
    that has created with these genius musicians.

  3. Hey! I remember this vid you answered like two of my questions and i’ve
    improved my sax a bit. tell me if what i’m using is good. i use a Yamaha
    advantage with a Meyer 5 mouthpiece and a V16 Vandoren Jazz Reed! If you
    think i could improve on anything could you please tell me? Thanks You Rock
    Mr. Greg Vail!

  4. Smoking alto playing! Lots of energy, but also very musical and fits the
    context fabulously! btw, is that Melvin Davis on bass?

  5. Man this is awesome stuff,is there more video from this concert? What kind
    of bass setup does Melvin have here? Ken Smith Bass?

  6. excuse me sir but i love yamaha’s and i have some questions i know selmer
    c* mouthpiece is good for classical and for jazz i don’t know could u tell
    me and that sax your playin on is it the 82z custom with your i believe m1
    silverneck piece and the mouthpiece is a…i don’t know but anyways awesome
    vid i subscribed and plz answer my questions

  7. @gvSAXBOY man kenny G don’t got sh** on u lol I would love to get lessons
    form u ur amazing on the sax I wanna be able to hit those high notes lol

  8. are of inspiration to my life, I am a beginner. I am Peruvian and
    Christian, glory to God for your life. Sorry for the mistakes in my
    writing, I use a translator of the network. Keep going brother in Christ,
    one day I will become like you. Thanks for being friend of inspiration.

  9. did you sold off your 875? what mouthpiece are you using? tip opening and
    reed? very nice tone! what i am looking for.. god bless u

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