Music Band to host Concert after Jazz’s Inspiration

Estar Cohen Project, a modern jazz inspired music band, is all set to host a gig to promote the release of the band’s debut album named Waiting for Dawn.

Estar Cohen, a 4th year vocal major at University of Toledo, told that the primary focus of Estar Cohen project is improvised, live music along with empathetic value.

According to reports, she told that they spend a whole lot of time on their choice of music because they want to ensure that it is something that they not just really enjoy playing, but something they thoroughly connect with.

Cohen, as a composer and lyricist with folk influences, strives to be as much a storyteller as music artist. She told that she always want to have some kind of a compelling tale for the audience to latch onto. Cohen told that Becca Stevens is a singer-songwriter whom she is inspired by, with popular folk artist Joni Mitchell.

Local music artist in the band Josh Silver agreed with Estar and told that every track is very cinematic. It is like they are painting a picture.

Travis Aukerman, t he band’s drummer, told that the aim of the band is Cohen’s music. Travis told that she is really inspired by music that’s very earthy. It is music that has roots in folk, but is extremely inspired by jazz and classical. Estar added that her very first influence with all the music was her older siblings.